Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Very Christmassy Hand Cream By Zoella Beauty.

A Very Christmassy Hand Cream By Zoella Beauty.
Now normally, I am not a huge fan of Zoella beauty, some of her lifestyle I love but not so much her beauty stuff. However, last year I fell in love with her hand cream. The scent of last years was absolutely amazing - it was gingerbread scent and I love me some gingerbread.

So when I saw that Zoella has released a new hand cream again this year, I thought I'd give it a try. The Zoella 'Snowella Winter Wonder Hand' | £6 smells of peony and mint and even though I much prefer last years scent, it does smell amazing. In the Winter months, I do suffer with dry hands. Nothing major but they are dryer than usual, so I am always looking for a hand cream that works.

Sadly, for all you Zoella haters out there, this does in fact work. It adds moisture back to my hands and I find my hands to be in a lot better condition since using it. A little goes a long way and I don't feel the need to keep applying the cream every five minutes like I have with others. It seems to add hydration straight away. For £6 you really cannot go wrong.

The packing is very Zoella. Very Instagram-able and even though I keep it in my bag, the packaging is still looking perfect. I would 100% recommend and cannot wait to see if she brings out another one next year.



  1. I have never used Zoella products but I always have dry hands in winter and need to have one with me at all times. Sheri

    1. It's so affordable. I would certainly recommend getting one xxx

  2. Peony and mint? I think I'd love this! xx



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