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Favourite Highlighters For The Festive Season By KasieBeauty

Favourite Highlighters For The Festive Season By KasieBeauty | TheDenaEdit

If you follow or read my blog kasiebeauty then you know that I have a massive problem when it comes to highlighters, I can't seem to stop buying them.
I have been using more liquid highlighter over the past 4 months or so, I just love how they look and apply on me, they really soak into the skin and look so natural and radiant. But that doesn't stop me from applying a little bit of powder over the top just to make my highlighter pop just that little bit more, so here's a few of my favourites.

Too faced - Blinded by the light
This highlighter I have been obsessed with all summer, it's a gorgeous pinky pearl shade and is perfect for fair/ light skin tones. It just melts into the skin and looks so natural on. This doesn't swatch amazing well but trust me that doesn't mean anything as it applies beautifully to the skin.
so writing this post with some of my favourites is pretty difficult. It's like choosing a favourite child, you just cant pick! ha ha but I'm going to mention a few I love and thought it was the perfect time to share a few, as everyone loves to glow especially for the Christmas and party season. "tis the season to be glowyyyy  after all" (see what I did there??)

Favourite Highlighters For The Festive Season By KasieBeauty | TheDenaEdit
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Starlight
I have both starlight and so hollywood and love them both , I definitely suit starlight better as I'm more pale, it's a gorgeous luminescent white, it almost has a nice champagne undertone, I wouldn't say it was gold or a pearl, although it does look straight up white in the pan, it's a must for pale and light skin tones. and If you're more medium to dark then so hollywood is for you as it's a stunning gold. ABH highlighters including the glow kits are some of my absolute favourite.

Charlotte Tilbury - Hollywood beauty light wand
I got this one back in October and have been using it ever since, Charlotte Tilbury is pricey but what I have tried I've loved. I fell in love with this as soon as I swatched it, it's so pigmented and just felt so nice on the skin, I knew it would look gorgeous and give that brightened and radiant look to the skin. I would describe it as a really pale rose gold so it's really wearable for me as usually rose gold can end up looking too dark or pink.

Becca - moonstone liquid
I couldn't have a highlighter post without Becca now could I, I would say moonstone is probably my personal favourite from Becca, pearl is also gorgeous and so is opal. Becca does so many formulas from liquid to cream and powder, and are one of my favourite brands for delivering that glow from within look.

Tarte - Tartiest exposed
This shade exposed is my favourite from Tarte and I have it in powder and liquid, it's probably the most wearable gold I have for my skin tone. I used to love buying gold highlighters but now I tend to buy more champagne, or pearl shades as I just feel like golds can look a bit harsh on me if I'm not wearing any fake tan. This has a lovely formula, although it does dry really quick so you have to be fast at blending it in.

Favourite Highlighters For The Festive Season By KasieBeauty | TheDenaEdit
A couple of others I have to mention are the cover fx drops, these are pricey but boy are they amazing and they will last you forever, the primark highlighters that are only £3 are also so nice, I am loving the shade mink pink it's one of their new shades. Kylie's wet set palette has also been a big favourite of mine over the summer, the formula of that is so unique.  A drug store palette that is amazing is the Lottie London shimmer squad palette. It has 4 shades to suit a variety of skin tones and the formula is incredible.

Favourite Highlighters For The Festive Season By KasieBeauty | TheDenaEdit

What's your favourtie highlighter and what one will you be wearing for the festive season?



  1. Lots of my favourites here - especially the Charlotte Tilbury one! xx


    1. I've not tried it! I must try some CT! xxx

  2. Ahhh it's me!!! Ha ha of course I had to talk about highlighters ha ha xxx

  3. I have to share this post with my daughter. She loves make up and is always on the lookout for new ones to try. I think these products you featured would be right up her alley. Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks I'm sure your daughter would love this post from Kasie then! xxx

  4. I love the TF ones I have the more rose gold shade and I also have their candle light highlighter which is just stunning!


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