About Dena Jayne

The one where I share a little bit about myself. 

HELLO. I'm Dena Jayne...

A twenty something woman with a real passion for beauty, fitness and life itself. 

I started blogging in 2015, over on denajayne.co.uk, however after two years I decided it was time for a new start. That's when TheDenaEdit was created. TheDenaEdit launched in August 2017 and it has become a space I am really proud of. I started blogging to express my love for beauty and then began to share a little bit about my fitness journey and added other little snippets of my life in too. 

I am your typical twenty three year old, I have a love of all things beauty, fashion, pink things and pugs. I must admit, I hate coffee but love green tea and I am not afraid to speak my mind, I'd rather be honest, than not. 

Need to know anything else? Find me on social media and let's have a chat! 


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