Friday, 27 July 2018

Five Bloggers Who Inspire Me.

Over the years, I've read that many blogs I couldn't even begin to imagine just how many. Some people's blogs I just read once or twice. Others I read religiously. I thought I'd share with you today, five of my absolute favourite bloggers, these bloggers are ones that absolutely inspire me, I read every post they write and always value their opinion on whatever it is they are blogging about. 

Kate | Kate Loves x
Kate is an absolute babe. Her photography is flawless and her love for Disney is super cute. Kate's blog is very pretty, cute and super girlie. I'm obsessed with it. Her blog is a mixture of beauty, lifestyle and of course, disney related. Just by looking at Kate's photography you can see how much hard work and dedication she puts into her blog and I hope she continues blogging forever!
A little bit biased maybe? I mean Emma is my absolute bestie in the blogging world, but even before we became friends and met, I was obsessed with Emma's blog. Emma's blog is colourful, flawless and unique. It's a mixture of beauty, lifestyle, fashion & she posts the most incredible recipes too! Emma's opinion on products really does matter to me and I always listen to her opinion whenever I'm making a purchase. She always knows what I will and won't like. 

Angela | Beauty By The Bunny
I've been apart of the blogging community for three years now and it was down to this woman I became a blogger. I started following her Instagram first, then started reading her blog and it was after seeing hers that I decided to become a blogger myself. Over the last three years, I've seen Angela hit rock bottom, but then climb her way back to the top and for that, I am super proud. Angela puts her heart and soul into everything she does whether that be her Instagram, her blog or her doodles. Her blog is a mixture of beauty and lifestyle and I'd say her blog was super luxurious.
Gemma | Gemma Etc. 
Gemma is another woman I really look up to. Up until recently, she posted every single day and her reviews are some of my absolute favourites. Gemma's blog is a mixture of lifestyle and beauty but it's definitely mainly beauty. Gemma's photography is so clear and crisp. I love them. I cannot wait for the day Gemma feels up to blogging again. 
Leanne | L Page Beauty
Leanne is another woman who's opinion really matters to me, especially her skincare advise. Whenever I am on the hunt for something new for my skin, I always head over to Leanne's blog for tips on what to buy and what to avoid. Leanne's blog is a mixture of beauty, lifestyle with a hint of fashion too. Her photo's are immaculate and what she doesn't know about skincare, isn't worth knowing.

Which bloggers inspire you? Or which blogs have you been reading for years and your still obsessed with?

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  1. I didn't know any of these bloggers, I will go and check out their websites. As I am a travel blogger, I do follow quite a few of others who focus on traveling.

    1. I hope you found some new bloggers to love!

  2. Nice to see recommendations for beauty bloggers as I don't know any of these. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there!

    1. I know, I enjoy sharing my love of other bloggers. Hopefully you'll have found some new ones to enjoy!

  3. It's so nice to share the blog love and recommened others. All of their photos are amazing. x

  4. Always lovely to help support and promote other bloggers in the blogosphere journey x

  5. The imagery these bloggers create is fantastic. I'm always amazed at the creativity of beauty bloggers!
    C x

  6. These kinds of posts are always my favourite to read! I love all of these bloggers too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. I love that other bloggers have helped and inspired you. I’ve made some great friends through blogging and I wouldn’t change it for the world


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