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Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics Review.

Zoella Beauty is not something I've ever really been too bothered about. Obviously I think it's great that Zoella has gone from writing a little blog in her bedroom to actually building an actual empire but her products have never been something I've obsessed over. I won't lie, I've tried two of her hand creams and they are fantastic, so when I saw that she was releasing a new range I was intrigued - especially when I saw the 'theme' regarding the range.
Everyone seems to be obsessed with this whole 'tropical' theme but Zoe nailed it. The name 'Splash Bonatics' is so suited to the range and the design on each and every product is just spot on. I quickly ordered some bits on Superdrug and couldn't wait for them to arrive. Zoella Beauty is known for it's bath products, especially the ones that create bubbles. Obviously having heard this, purchasing the Drench Me Bath Soak | £6.95 was an obvious choice. As soon as I had a whiff of this, I fell in love with the range. The scent is so fresh and I am also obsessed with the packaging, I mean a milk carton? How cute is that! I kid you not, a small amount goes a long way. The bubbles are amazing. I've never seen bubbles like it. Some might think that £6.95 is a little pricey, especially for some bubbles but the way I look at it, is that I can spend about £6 on a bath bomb and get one use out of it. I've had several uses out of this already and I'm not even 1/4 of the way through it. 
Another bath related product I was intrigued by was the Lagoon Love Bath | £3. This intrigued me as I've never used a bath milk before and what intrigued me even more was the fact it was a powder. You think a bath milk would be liquid but not this one. Obviously it has the same scent as the bath soak and it adds so much hydration to your skin after use. It's a shame it doesn't change the colour of your bath water (maybe something to think about Zoe) but it's a lovely product and something I would use again. 
The thing I was most excited about what was the So Soft Lip Oil | £5, now if you know me, you know I am a sucker for a lip oil and I was excited when I saw Zoe was releasing one as it was something she'd never done before. The scent is a little bit different, this has a little hint of cherry but nothing too over powering. It's not at all greasy - it adds the right amount of oil to the lip and instantly adds hydration. I love it. 

Have you tried anything from any of Zoella's beauty range? What bits did you love? 

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  1. I LOOOOOVE Zoella Beauty and I legit think this is my fave collection of hers by far!

  2. I absolutely love the design of this range and that bath milk sounds so luxurious! Must pick some of these products up :)

  3. That looks like such a fab range. So affordable too and such pretty packaging

  4. I've never tried any of her products but I love the look of the packaging.

  5. The bath milk sounds intriguing and we've never tried it before. Very pretty packaging and we might give it a try x

  6. I haven't tried any of Zoella's products before but the bath milk sounds so cute that I may get some for my friends daughter for her birthday x

  7. My sister liked Zoella but at Christmas she was put off because of the whole advent calendar rip off. I personally have never tried anything of hers purely because I thought it was aimed at teenagers x

  8. I really love the sound of the lip oil. I have never tried anything from her ranges, I will have to have a look.

  9. I haven't really branched into Zoella products before, but I had a look at these whilst in Superdrug, and the scent just is not for me. I love the packaging though and you're right about the name, it's pretty spot on xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  10. Oh wow I absolutely love the packaging and I love lip balms but have never tried a lip oil and would love to. Great prices too.

  11. I have very sensitive skin so I have to be really careful about bath products. These do look and sound fab though, especially the Drench Me Bath Soak.

  12. I tried the Body Sorbet and the Lip oil and enjoyed both.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
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