Monday, 8 October 2018

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Review & Swatches.

If you know me, you'll know I am a sucker for an Urban Decay palette. The original naked is by far my favourite palette and I am a little gutted at the fact they are discontinuing it to be honest. So when I heard there was a new naked palette being released I was super excited. I was even more excited when I was tagged in a post on Facebook letting me know it was on a pre sale for 48 hours so obviously I had to buy it. 

This palette is the palette of dreams, it's completely different to palettes I usually go for as they tend to be more brown and bronze toned colours so this is completely out of my comfort zone but now I've received it I know these shades are all 100% wearable. At £42 this palette is more expensive than the other naked palettes but to be fair, I really rate Urban Decay eyeshadows so I didn't mind paying that little bit extra. 

As with all the other naked palettes, this is also made up of twelve shades. All the twelve shades are brand new and include a lot of pink shades. There are some lighter shades such as 'hot spot' and 'caution' which are more ivory toned and then theres some more rose gold shades and some deeper toned ones too. You can create a number of looks using this palette including my favourite - a smokey eye especially when using 'Privacy' in the crease. Each shade is extremely pigmented which you can see from the swatches below - I created these swatches by using my finger and only had to swipe my finger in the shadow once to create them. As always theres a decent mixture of shimmers and mattes in the palettes and they all blend really easily. As with all eyeshadows there is some fall out but there isn't a tonne with this palette. 

Although the original palette is still my favourite, I think this is a close second as it is just so different to anything I own. I cannot recommend it enough. 

Do you think you'll get this palette once it's properly released?
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  1. I've never, ever owned an Urban Decay Naked palette but I know how many people are gutted that they're discontinuing the range! Love the pinky tones in this one!

  2. I have the Naked palettes 2 and 3, this one looks beautiful, I'd love to see some looks with it!

  3. This looks so pretty, I really need to go into a store and swatch it!

  4. I too go for browns and bronzes - I love these colours but am not sure I have the confidence to wear them. Kaz

  5. Ooo I am loving the look of the these. The colours are all ready for the winter season too x

  6. I love Urban Decay but like their lips more as i am not big on makeup but the palette looks lovely

  7. I have been very tempted by this palette, I think I'll go and see it when they releas it in stores and see how much use I'll get from it x

  8. I actually don't wear makeup but that doesn't stop me from admiring pretty packaging with equally pretty palette colours!

  9. Looks like the shades in this palette is perfect for a lighter look for autumn and I love the more subtler tones with the lighter ivory shades


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